Bholaa Box Office Collection: Ajay Devgn’s Dark Actioner Maintains Low Pace


Action superstar of bollywood Ajay Devgn’s latest offering Bholaa is quite different from what he projected in Drishyam 2.

While that was a blockbuster in itself, Bholaa is surprisingly performing slow at the box office.

Bholaa dropped in theatres on March 30 and has since been maintaining a steady pace. Facing some stiff competition, it has managed to hold its own, with the weekend numbers standing at a respectable number. This, of course, leads us to its first working week, where the numbers inevitably have taken a dip.

As per early estimates, Bholaa managed to mint only Rs 3.3 crore at the cash registers on Day 7. This is even less than Day 6 where the movie had managed to rake in Rs 4.8 crore. With this, the movie is expected to have grossed north of Rs 55 crore in the Indian market. Let’s see if this makes it to 100 crore club and when, if it manages to do so!

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