Always Ready For Experiments & Challenges, Says Odia Actress Kavya Keeran


Film actress Kavya Keeran has made her mark in the industry with various roles in both Hindi and Odia movies. She starred in notable Hindi and Odia movies such as One Day, Ramratan Rahashya, Khushi, Bhoka, etc.

She debuted in an Odia movie with Kaunri Kanya in 2013 and a Hindi movie with Rang –E-IShq in 2015. Talking to Odia Celebrity, Kavya said that from the beginning, she wanted to be an actor and dreamed of doing movies. “At first, my parents were a little skeptical, but after some time, they started supporting me,” she said.

About her career, which started in 2013, she said, “I am happy with my career. I got the opportunity to play good roles in Hindi and Odia movies. My Odia movie Khusi which got the state film award and another movie Bhoka directed by Rajeeb Mohanty, is based on the real-life of a lower-middle-class family in a rural area, their struggle in this Covid pandemic time. For Bhoka, I worked very hard because it was a tough and challenging role.”

About managing in both industries, Kavya said, “Passion for acting is very important. Also, the chance to play a variety of roles in both industries helped me.” When asked about her struggles, she said, “I don’t see it as a struggle but as a great journey. ”

About the roles she chose, Kavya said, “I am very picky about the roles I chose and always ready for an experiment. I am a very greedy actor, so I always tried to do different roles than my last work and am comfortable in both glamour and de-glamour roles and don’t want to be stereotyped ever.” she said.

“As a girl and actress, you will face problems but must believe in your talent. Along with making a mark in the movie, you must have a plan and ensure that you are financially strong because it takes time to make a mark in the industry,” she added.

About future projects, she said that she is ready for the second season of Inspector Avinash, starring Randeep Hooda and another movie Chopar. She also has an Odia movie Mahanayak which is a political drama.

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