Akshaya Mohanty’s music will be celebrated with the new movie ‘Khoka Bhai Tama Pai’


Akshaya Mohanty’s music will be celebrated with new movie’ Khoka Bjhai Tama Pai’
Bhubaneswar: Kuhu Cine Flicks in association with Bhadra Motion Studios Wednesday announce title of their new movie Khoka Bhai Tama Pai which will be inspired from the music of legendary Odia singer Late Akshaya Mohanty also known as Khoka Bhai, who was an Indian singer, lyricist, composer, musician and writer in Odia.

From Radio to movie Akshaya Mohanty contribution is very vast and had contributed several evergreen songs such as Ja Re Bhasi Bhasi Ja , Kalankita Nayak and many more, and also sung and composed folk songs, film and non-film modern light songs in Odisha on contemporary themes and ballads based on popular legends in Odisha.

To celebrate his music a new movie titled Khoka Bjhai Tama Pai will be made which will be directed by Girish Mohanty and it is written by Bharadwaj panda and Akshaya Mohanty’s son Mitrabhanu Mohanty.

The movie is not a biopic of the singer and composer but is inspired by the music of the singer. The movie will revolved around a guy who is very inspired from Akshaya Mohanty’s music and use it in every aspect of his life including his love story also.

Writer Bharadwaj panda said that this movie wil revive the love for Akshaya Mohanty music and will be enjoyed by al generation.

Akshaya Mohanty recorded his first song Gadiala Bhai Dharichhi Sura Re in 50s. His first song as a playback singer was Gori Gori Gori in the 1959 Odia movie Maa. He has sung songs in 129 Odia films.

In 1965, he composed music for the movie Malajanha, directed by Odia filmmaker, Nitai Palit. A song from the movie Rakata Talamala went on to top the charts. He composed music for 75 movies. He has experimented with themes, words and in recording and producing special sound effects. Some of his experiments include starting a new cult of ballads in Odia, based on popular legends, such as Kanchi Abhijana, Randipua Ananta, and Konaraka Gatha. He also recorded a popular drama, Patent Medicine, that went on to win the best radio drama award from All India Radio. Some of his popular songs are ‘Kene Gheni Jauchha Jagannathanku’, ‘Saata Daria Paare’, ‘He Phaguna Tume’, ‘Raja Jhia Sange’, ‘Rakata Tala Mala’, ‘Chakori Jhara’anaa Luha’. Akshaya Mohanty also has acted in 3 movies.

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