Akshay Kumar’s OMG co-star Poonam Jhaver calls actor ‘opportunist,’ talks about his flops films


Bollywood model Poonam Jhawer was witnessed by fans in the role of Gopi Maiya along with Mithun Chakraborty and Govind Namdev in the hit movie Oh My God or OMG. During a recent video interaction, Poonam was asked to comment on Akshay’s back-to-back debacles. Poonam said, If you will do solo-hero, monotonous films, it will not work. You will have to show them something unique.

Jhawer further added, “Most of the film Akshay Kumar ji ki aate hai, woh ya toh deshbhakti ko pakad lete hai, ya toh South ki remake bana lete hai (Most of his films are either based on patriotism or a remake of South film).”

When Poonam was asked if Akshay should take a break and not have back-to-back releases in a year, the actress replied, “Most of his films are his home productions, and what I feel that he’s an opportunist. When he noticed that Lord Rama and Ayodhya is being discussed in the nation, he came up with Ram Setu. Woh topic dhundte hai, ki aaj yeh topic hit hai, toh iss par film bana do (He looks out for topics and makes a film out of it).”

Talking about his next film, Akshay was last seen in Selfiee. As per media reports, OMG 2 might have a digital release.

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