Actress Elina won the best actress award for Pratisodh


Bhubaneswar: Actress Elina Samantaray won Best actress award for her role in Pratisodh at the Zee Sarthak Sansaar Awrad ceremony.

Sharing images of the award Elina said “Pratisodh cinema will always have a very special part in my heart. Can’t thank enough to my Director who eventually became my brother my dearest @lovekazue bhai for convincing me to be his “KOMIANNA’. I did this cinema because i had faith in the team. And for me the most important person in the team is the DOP. Our superstar Cinematographer @pc_pratap I would like to thank each and every technician of pratisodh.”

“Our editor manas bhai, BGM very well done by nabs and saroj team. Our fight master devraj sir. Beautiful music by Goodly ratha sir and all the singers. Thanks to all my co artists. Thank you to the team zee_sarthaktv for helping us reach all the odia audience.”

“And finally to all my wellwishers, my fans and all the proud odia audiences who loved me and supported me with every step in my life. 2023 is special and Samaresh Routray starrer and Zee Sarthak Films produced movie Pratisodh will soon be released in America.” she said.

In Pratisodh, Samantaray is seen in a full-fledged action avatar for the first time. The Sai Swaraj Renuka Mangaraj directed movie is a revenge story where Elina seen in full action avatar and fight against the bad guys.
Kshirodh Patnaik serves as the producer of the movie while Bharadwaj Panda wrote the story with music being given by Goodly Rath. Samaresh Routray, Kuna Tripathy, Bobby Mishra and others had played key roles.
Talking about the movie recently with Odia Celebrity, Elina said “The movie had multiple fight scenes and for this movie, I had done many days of training to prepare. For the movie fight scenes, the fight choreographer from South had choreographed the fight scenes and also trained me. I used to get injured every single day while doing fights scene. This is one of the challenging roles of my life,” she said

Makers also informed recently that the movie which released in cinema halls across the state on September 25 will be screened at Apple cinemas, a local theater chain in USA.
Earlier, Elina Samantaray starrer action movie Pratisodh released in cinema halls across the state on September 25
After that the movie was premiered at Zee Sarthak channel on October 1.

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