Zee Sarthak’s Tu Khara Mu Chhai Completed 400 Episodes



Bhubaneswar: Zee Sarthak Entertainment channel’s popular show Tu Khara Mu Chhai completed 400 episodes. The cast and crew of the show celebrated the milestone by cutting the cake.

On the occasion Zee Sarthak Channel’s Chief Channel officer Pratik Seal said that the channel always trying to entertain audience everyday through various serials and due to fans love and support the show Tu Khara Mu Chhai completed 400 episodes. The show has taken an exciting twist in its latest episode. which makes Fans more thrilled.

The show revolves around Manini, a chirpy girl, aspires to become an actor. A comedy of errors leads to her marrying Abhimanyu akla AJ , a rich businessman, with a large family. Will she succeed in managing a big household?

In the latest episode Manini trying make AJ go on dinner with Mayuri despite AJ objection.

Meanwhile. Mayuri planning to break the relationship of Manini and Aj. will she be successful in that? , Will Manini be able to know Mayuri’s true intentions.To know that catch new episode of Tu Khara mu Chaai.

The character of Manini is played by Smruti and Abhimanyu played by Ranjan. The show is produced by Akshaya Parija an Kshirodh Patnaik and directed by Biswarajan Mohanty. The show is being telecasted from Monday to Saturday at 8:30 pm.

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