Zee Sarthak’s Popular show ‘Suna jhia’ wining audience heart with new twist


Bhubaneswar: Zee Sarthak’s popular show Suna Jhia is getting adulation from fans across all corners and ages.

Suna Jhia is the story of a girl named Priya who wants to make her mother proud by becoming a BDO. The show is a story of how she achieves her goal. It also tells story of love, friendship and sacrifice.

In the latest episode audience will see that Priya who after lot of struggle is finally an officer but in this path she lost her boy.

Also after lot of turmoil Priya and Bishnu finally are together now . Meanwhile, antagonist Debraj and Netra had created a situation which put Priya in bad light in front of whole family, how Priya will manage this is the story.

Zee Sarthak Chief Channel Officer Pratik Seal thanked audience for making the show Suna Jhia popular and number 1 show. The series showcases the journey of an ordinary girl, Priya , who aspires to become a Block Development Officer (BDO). The show depicts the trials and tribulations she undergoes to prove her worth which succeeded in giving audience somethng new.

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