We need to groom writers to make good movie : Dipanwit



Talented actor Dipanwit Dashmohapatra is on the golden run with his last two movies, Pratikshya and Daman. Both did well both critically and commercially. Pratikshya even won the National film award for best Odia movie. He is ready with his two new movies, which will be released in 2024. These include Dear Purusha and Shanti Apartment.

Talking to Odia Celebrity Dipanwit said that Dear Purusha is a very different movie. “The film tells an essential message, and the director tries to convey a message with the movie,” he said.

“I had a lot of fun working in the movie with multiple stars, including Sidhanth Mohapatra, Partha Sarthi Ray, Bobby Mishra, and others.”

In Shanti Apartment, he said, “I am playing a cop role for the first time, which is very challenging as many actors very much play cop roles, and it was a challenge to be different than them.”

Dipan got fascinated with acting while studying engineering at ITER in Bhubaneswar. He started watching plays and later joined director Abhinna Routray Uttar Purusha group. He acted in more than 25 plays. He got his first film break in Amartya Bhattacharya’s movie Khyanika.

Dipan said acting in plays and movies is very different. “In play, you don’t get a second or third take. Theatre is still my first love. Whenever I get free time from my movies, I do plays. In January, we have different plays planned to be staged.”

About Pratikshya, Dipanwit said Pratikshya was the first film director for Anupam Patnaik, sir, and it was a big risk for him to take so many newcomers and do the movie. He is a very knowledgeable and smart person and knows the business well, he saud.

About the Odia industry situation, Dipanwit said that the industry needs a lot of changes. “The most important thing is to encourage and groom new writers. Without good writers, you can’t make good movies .”

Dipanwit had multiple projects in which he was working. He will also reunite with Daman directors Vishal Mourya and Lenka Debi Prasad and actor Babushaan.

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