Was more fearless in my early career: Katrina


Mumbai: Actress Katrina Kaif, who is gearing up for the release of her much-anticipated thriller, Merry Christmas, shared insights into her fearless choices at the beginning of her career.

In an interview, the Welcome actress mentioned that in the beginning, she was far more fearless in her choices as an actor because there was no thought behind them. According to her, you just went exactly with that; you went with your gut feeling, and you took everything as a challenge.

The Tiger actress also explained that sometimes she feels that subconsciously, as an actor, you can start trying to chase a hit film. ‘Do I think this film has the potential to be a hit? Okay, will this film be a hit?’ If you’re doing that, then that can sometimes cloud your judgment rather than just going on the sheer love of a character or a film.

According to her, you don’t make films for an empty cinema. Without that support and that love, you cannot make movies, so you must also understand what it is that is resonating with the audience and with people today, in terms of emotions, stories, philosophy, and the mood of the nation and the mood of people.

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