Trailer of ‘Om Swaaha’ released, set to hit screens on December 15


Bhubaneswar: The trailer of Jyoti Ranjan Nayak, Divya Mohanty and Sasmita Sahoo starrer new Odia movie Om Swaaha released Sunday. The movie is set to release on December 15 across the state.

The CR Entertainment in association LT Production movie Om Swaaha is directed by S Dilip Panda and produced by Bijay Dwivedi who is also the story writer of the movie and Pranay Jethi is the media planner.

The trailer showcase the story of a Brahmin priest family headed by Late Rai Mohan Parida whose son played Jyoti Ranjan Nayak wants to be engineer but his father wants him to be priest. Despite his father objection he went to city to become engineer but something happens in his life which create problem.

The music direction of the movie is done by Malay Mishra and lyrics were written by Nirmal Nayal and Hara Barik. The songs were sung by talented Humane Sagar, Ira Mihanty, Kuldeep Patnaik and Rosalin. Lubun Tubun are the choreographer and Line producer of the movie. Sidharth music is the musical partner of the movie.

The move stars Jyoti Ranjan Nayak, Sasmita Sahoo and Divya Mohanty in lead roles along with Prativa Panda, Mamata , Saroj das, Shailendra, Disco Reddy, Kalia Bhai, Jeevn Panda, Babu Pradhan, and Late Rai Mohan Parida whose last movie is Om Swaaha.

The makers had plans to release the movie in December and hopes that audience will give love to the movie and it’s star cast.

Actor Jyoti had worked with Divya in Dotpen while with Sasmita Sahoo in Happy Lucky

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