The Separation of Ragini and Sandhya in the New Episode of Zee Sarthak’s Popular Show



Bhubaneswar:  Zee Sarthak popular show Sandhya Ragini which was launched in October last year is is getting adulation from fans across all corners and ages.

Sandhya Ragini tells the story of two sisters Yashoda and Devaki from a small village in Odisha who fell apart from each other. Both the sisters have became mothers of daughter each named Sandhya and Ragini.Ragini studied in London and is very modern girl while Sandhya is very traditional and passionate to play for Indian women Hockey team.

Jasoda takes in her niece Ragini after her estranged sister Debaki dies. But Ragini struggles with the rigid traditions of Jasoda’s house. Will both worlds collide, or will the family ties prevail?

In the shows new episode at the College Fresher’s event, Ragini and Sandhya practice dance and Yashoda Sangeet help with their costume and everything. Later Sandhya, Ragini get to know that Sulagna has put Sandhya’s name on a fresh face of the year competition where she needs to catwalk. Sandhya walks the ramp and wins the competition. They come home elated. But as they reach home they realize, the clipping of Sandhya walking the ramp is now shared on social media. All blame falls on Ragini, she is blamed to hide facts from the family. She only told them about the dance competition but not the beauty contest. Raghuraj decides that Sandhya and Ragini will stay away from each other and also now they will study in different colleges. Ragini and Sandhya’s room get separated. Raghuraj himself goes to the college to cut off Sandhya’s name from that college.
Nitu mishra, Hitesha, Priyanka, Deepti Rekha, Jyoti, Ashutosh, Jaya Goswami, Rishi Patnaik and others are playing key roles
Zee Sarthak Chief Channel Officer Pratik Seal thanked audience for making the show Sandhya Ragini popular. The series showcases the journey of two girls who have different dreams..

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