Tamannaah Bhatia’s workout session from Switzerland


Punjabi beauty and south siren Tamannaah Bhatia is presently shooting in Switzerland, for her upcoming film ‘Bholaa Shankar’.

The actress is a fitness enthusiast, and she sticks to her fitness regime, no matter what. She recently dropped a few videos of her working out along with her trainer.

Instead of hitting the gym, she and her trainer decided to jog, and also do a couple of squats, with the view of the beautiful lake and picturesque mountains.

Imagine putting on your workout clothes, and beginning your regime with a jog, but, instead of the gym, you are jogging through the serene pavement nearby a lake.

And when you look sideways, beyond the lake, you see foggy mountains, the sun hiding somewhere past that, and the rays playing hide and seek and kissing your eyes as you jog!

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