Talented Actress Riyana Sukla is still searching for her dream role



Talented actress Riyana Sukla has been passionate about acting since her childhood. The 25-year-old actress has done notable Hindi movies such as Mr. MBA, Luckhnowi Ishq, Life ki Aisi ki Taisi, Kaashi in search of Ganga, Jaat Battalion, I know You. She has also done Odia movie Ae Dil Tate Deli.

The actress, who started her career in 2012, has now completed ten years in the industry. She was born in Cuttack and graduated from Ravenshaw University, Cuttack.

After graduating, she shifted to Mumbai and took an acting course from Roshan Taneja School of Acting, Mumbai. Talking to Odia celebrity Sukla said that she is still searching for a dream role and wants to be remembered as a good actress by people. She said she is doing well for herself but wants to explore more and achieve another milestone in her life..

About the Odia industry, she said that in terms of budget and infra, the Odia industry is small in comparison to other industries like the Hindi film industry. She said that in recent times the Odia filmmakers tried to explore real and original stories like Daman and Pratikshya and that had brought good results. In the end, she said that the audience needs good stories to watch rather than plagiarised movies.


About the casting couch row, she said that she faced it in her career too. But she added that she fought against this evil practice and trusted her talent to make her presence felt in the industry. She said one must be strong and confident in this situation and needs to fight it.

About nepotism, he said that it’s no secret that the star kids get all good roles and don’t have to struggle to get good roles as others from humble backgrounds do. “It’s foolish to say that it will change anytime soon. What we can do is keep trying and trust ourselves,” she said.

About upcoming projects, she said that she is working on a crime thriller web series and also one Odia movie project. The shooting of the same will soon, she said. She is also awaiting another Odia movie Tu Achhu Ta Mu Achhi directed by Sanjay Nayak.

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