Tale of Mumbai’s Film City & Dr Avinash Dhakane


When Dr. Avinash Dhakane came here as the MD of Film City, he had prepared a roadmap to develop it in a new way. The result of that is that today Film City is equipped with all the facilities that are needed during a film production.

He is constantly trying to remove whatever shortcomings he is seeing. Film City did not have an airport before he took over. Because of this, the filmmakers had to travel to some other location to shoot related to the airport. Along with this, a big railway station was also needed. As soon as these shortcomings were noticed, he started working in this direction. As a result of this, planning is now being done in a systematic way to build a grand airport and railway station in Film City.

Film City’s MD Dr. Avinash Dhakane said that we are moving forward in the direction of providing Film City all the facilities which are usually required during film production. We have started planning regarding the airport and railway station. Work on this will start very soon.

Not only this, to make Film City the main center of activities of film activists, they have also planned to hold frequent events here. Under this, a big program is being organized in Film City on August 4, on the occasion of the birthday of singer Kishore Kumar. In this program, there is a plan to invite people from every field related to the film world. In this, from actors to producers, directors and supporting artists and technicians will also be invited.

Firm arrangements have been made to disseminate the activities of Film City on all social media platforms as well. That is, any information and activity related to Mumbai Film City can be easily obtained by visiting its account on all social media.
Dr. Avinash Dhakane had performed better as District Magistrate of Jalgaon 4 years back. The film was transferred to Mumbai. He also served as the Transport Commissioner of the Government of Maharashtra. Now in his new role, he is busy shaping Mumbai Film City in a new way.

He told that if any further information has to be taken in relation to Film City, then it can be taken from PRO Pankaj Chavan. He is working hard to bring the developmental works being done in Film City in front of the people.

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