Susmita Das’ Deha Videha Released on Buddha Purnima


The much-awaited music album Deha-Videha, sung by the renowned singer Susmita Das, has been released on Buddha Purnima.

The album is the first of its kind and is based on the history of Buddhism in Odisha. It celebrates the rich institution of Tantrik Buddhism, which was once extensively preached and practised in the region during the 7th to 12th Century AD.

 The music album encapsulates the essence of Vajrayana, which emphasizes the realization of shunyata or emptiness as the key element. It is based on the metaphorical allusions of the Siddhacharyas of Odisha and seeks to recreate the resonance of the metaphors expressed and immanent in Tantrik Buddhism. The lyrics of the songs have been penned down by Haraprasad Das, a Buddhist researcher, poet, and former Accountant General of Odisha. The music has been scored by the well-known composer Om Prakash Mohanty.

The cinematography for the album has been created by artist Kalee Patnaik, and Padma Shri Sudarshan Patnaik has adapted it into sand art. The album is a celebration of the spiritual journey and is set to immerse the soul in the divine harmony of the universe. The release of Deha-Videha is significant, particularly on Buddha Purnima, as it sheds light on the unique history of Buddhism in Odisha and its contribution to the spread of Buddhism worldwide.

In conclusion, Deha-Videha is a must-listen album for all those seeking a spiritual journey and an understanding of the rich history of Buddhism in Odisha. The unique combination of music, lyrics, and cinematography promises to provide a holistic experience that will leave the listeners enchanted and enlightened.


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