Sunil Grover recalls blowing off his savings in first year in Mumbai


Every year thousands of young people move to Mumbai to build their careers. While the city of dreams has no dearth of opportunities, the expensive city makes the journey tough for most dreamers. Punjabi munda Sunil Grover also came to Mumbai city with a pocketful of aspirations and he managed to fulfill most.

When asked about his time in Mumbai, the actor said that he had saved up some money doing odd jobs and his parents also contributed some of their own savings. Sunil said that he was quite lucky and moved into a posh sea-facing apartment in Juhu.

“It was a beautiful place and thinking that I might soon get busy with work, I only partied and had fun. Knowingly, I did not pick up work and was in a relaxed mood. I did have fun and then after a year, I blew off all my savings. I had to move to a small one-room flat in Goregaon east, in a cheaper society. Fir jaa ke aate dal ke bhav pata chali hai (That’s when I realised how difficult it was to survive in Mumbai),” he said.

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