SRK, Deepika to collaborate for their next



Mumbai: Top stars Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone are gearing up for a thrilling collaboration, and it’s not a sequel to their blockbuster Pathaan!

The dynamic on-screen duo, who ended 2023 on an all-time high with back-to-back Rs 1000 crore blockbusters, is set to kick off 2024 with an all new project. SRK and DP will soon feature in an ad for a prominent car company, fusing the worlds of high-speed and glamour.

Late Friday night, the anticipation reached a fever pitch as a teaser of the upcoming advertisement was released online.

The clip offered a sneak peek into the stars’ ‘super-spy’ avatars. In this snippet, Deepika embarks on a mission to uncover the mysterious figure known only as KING, setting the stage for an adrenaline-fueled narrative that promises to keep viewers waiting in anticipation.

Taking to the comments section, fans wrote, “Can’t believe an ad got me hyped. Also looks like Deepika will be SRK’s co-star in more films this decade.”

“Oh God! They are so hot together,” another declared.

“Do another movie together!!!!!!” a fan demanded.

Beyond the silver screen, their chemistry is now poised to shine in the commercial sphere as they join forces as brand ambassadors.

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