Sattriya and Odissi captivated audience on 3rd day of Konark Festival



Konark: Day three of the Konark Festival 2023 commenced with the Lamp Lighting Ceremony in the presence of Chief Advisor (Special Initiatives) CMO Shri R Balakrishnan, Chief Administrator SJTA Shri Ranjan Kumar Das, and Director Tourism Sachin R Jadhav, post which audiences were treated to mesmerising performances of Sattriya and Odissi.

The first set of performances saw Rojalin Mohapatra and group of Debadasi, Bhubaneswar performing SARASWATI VANDANA and PALLAVI choreographed by Smt. Rojalin Mohapatra. The rhythm and music composition for the performances were by Shri Rama Prasad Behera and Dr. Sachikanta Nayak. In the Saraswati Vandana, dancers paid homage to Goddess Saraswati, depicting her divine attributes through gestures, expressions, and intricate footwork. The choreography emphasized the concept of wisdom and artistic expression, celebrating the goddess’s association with learning and creativity. The movements were characterized by fluidity, grace, and precision.

The second half of the show saw Sattriya performances by Guru Anwesha Mahanta and Group from Kalpavriksha Dance Ensemble, Delhi. The troupe performed JAGANNATHA, PRAKRITI PURUSH and CHALI RADANI. The Jagannatha was an invocation to Lord Jagannatha, a Bhakti philosophy and performance genre that involved stylized narrativization of myths from Vedas, Upanishads, epics, and Puranas. The sequence Prakriti Purusha of the Sattriya Dance was rooted in Bhakti philosophy and explored the microcosmic variant of Prakriti and its interaction with macrocosmic force, Leela.
The last sequence was Chali Ridani. The composition by Srimanta Sankaradeva celebrated Vishnu as the supreme source of existence and sustenance. The pure dance sequences showcased the dancing bodies’ immersive joy, reflecting on the semiotic layers of space and the inner and physical energy revolving in it.

During the day, sand artists participating in the 13th International Sand Art Festival created spectacular sand sculptures on themes of “Women Empowerment” and “Sports Tourism” at the Chandrabhaga Beach. In the morning, the members of Bhubaneswar Super Bikers Club revved their engines at the International Sand Art Festival organised by Department of Tourism. Ollywood actor and Superbike enthusiast Siddhant Mohapatra visited various stalls of sand artists’ and expressed his gratitude to the Government of Odisha for organising the festival successfully every year.
The diverse sand arts showcased the finesse and beauty of sand artists across the globe, leaving an indelible mark on the audience. The presence of international tourists from London, Spain, Japan, and other countries at the festival stood as a testament to the event’s allure and its ability to resonate with a diverse audience, promoting Odisha’s cultural heritage.

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