Prachi opens up on her ‘meal of memories’



Mumbai: Prachi Desai has revealed how Manoj Bajpayee and Naga Chaitanya Akkineni pampered her with sumptuous meals during the shoot of Silence 2, and Dhootha respectively.

Despite the diversity of the projects, both actors shared a heartwarming commitment to ensuring Prachi’s well-being, particularly through the universal language of food.
On the set of Dhootha, Chaitanya emerged not only as a talented co-star but also as a culinary companion.

Beyond scenes and scripts, he took it upon himself to pamper Prachi with an array of delightful dishes from his cloud-kitchen.
Switching gears to Silence 2, Prachi found herself under the nurturing wing of Manoj.
Renowned for his generosity, Manoj took the art of co-star care to another level. Not only did he provide sage advice and acting wisdom, but he also ensured Prachi was well-fed.

From cooking sumptuous meals himself to exploring local delicacies, Manoj’s thoughtful gestures translated into a culinary journey that paralleled their on-screen collaboration.

Talking about the same, the actress said: “Working with Naga and Manoj felt like sharing a meal of memories on and off-screen — where their kindness became the secret ingredient that made every project special.”

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