Want to entertain my fans with different roles: Akash


Actor and chairperson of Mo college (MoS) Akash Das Nayak is a busy man now with lot on his plate. Apart from working as the chairperson of Mo college (MoS), he is also the in charge of development of colleges. He also works through his charitable organization and does several welfare works.

Amidst all this, he also tried to work in movies, but now he works selectively and chooses his movies very selectively. He was also the MLA of Korei Constituency from 2014-19. We last saw him in 2022 Mahabahu and now he is back with a new movie Kemiti A Samparka opposite Elina Samantaray and Lipsa Mishra and directed by Chandi Parija. The makers are planning to release in January next year.

Talking to Odia Celebrity, Akash said, “Kemiti A Samparkla is a beautiful story about relationship. After a long time, I am working with director Chandi Parija after ‘Alo Mora Kundei’in 2010. Also, this my first time working with Elina. She is a very talented actress. The main USP of the movie is its story. It was beautifully written by producer Rupesh Nayak who, through this story talks about how relationship sometimes gets disturbed among people due to some misunderstandings”.

About his character, he said “In this movie, my character is a very serious character and is dealing with many problems and how he faces his problem is the main story.”

Akash, who debuted in the industry with Kalinga Putra in 2008, said “Nowadays I am doing movie choosy movies and one movie a year because of all the other responsibilities. I still tried to do more movies a year because of the love of my fans “

About the recent controversy in the film industry, Akash said “ This whole situation could have been avoided , due to some  misunderstanding this situation occurs. Our film industry is not a small industry, many people are dependent on the film industry to survive and these small issues should be avoided as it hampers the industry and their earnings. Our industry is doing well with movies such as Daman, Pratikshya and others and we should continue on that path”

In his decade long career, Akash had done several types of movies from action, romantic, drama to many more. He said, “I want to do more variety of movies for my fans and try to entertain them as much as possible.”

About his future projects, Akash said, “After Kemita A Samparka, I have an action movie for the future and will soon start shooting on that. I am also working as Mo College Abhiyan chairperson to improve the infrastructure of the colleges.”

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