Producer Sanlisa Patel asked people to sign a petition to save the Odia film industry


Bhubaneswar: Odia producer Sanlisa Patel Tuesday requested people to sign a petition to save Odia industry.

In this petition Sanlisa said” I am writing this petition on behalf of concerned citizens, filmmakers, and patrons of the arts who share a deep-rooted concern for the diminishing state of the Odia film industry. Our plea stems from the recent challenges faced by producers who are struggling to recover their investments due to certain association rules that seem to be working against the best interests of the Odia cinema. The lack of a properly organized release pattern and inadequate availability of cinemas for Odia films have exacerbated the financial losses faced by producers.”

“The recent release of the film “Pratha” serves as a poignant example of the challenges the Odia film industry is grappling with. The tearing of posters by miscreants not only reflects the vulnerability of the industry but also highlights the urgent need for support and intervention. The producers, who invest significant resources in bringing Odia cinema to life, are currently facing an uphill battle in recouping their investments.”

“One of the primary issues contributing to the financial struggles of the Odia film industry is the absence of a well-organized release pattern. Unlike other language films, Odia films often find it challenging to secure adequate screening slots in cinemas. The dominance of films from other languages in the cinema halls further restricts the reach and visibility of Odia films, adversely affecting their box office performance.
We, the undersigned, earnestly request the Government of Odisha to intervene and take immediate measures to safeguard the future of the Odia film industry.”

The following are some key areas where intervention is urgently needed:
1. Formation of a Regulatory Body:
Establish a regulatory body to oversee the equitable distribution of screening slots for Odia films in cinemas. This body should work in collaboration with stakeholders to ensure a fair and organized release pattern that allows Odia films to compete on an equal footing with films from other languages.
2. Financial Support for Producers:
Introduce financial support mechanisms for Odia film producers to encourage investment in quality productions. This can include subsidies, grants, or low-interest loans to ease the financial burden and risks associated with filmmaking.
3. Infrastructure Development:
Invest in the development of state-of-the-art cinema halls and infrastructure specifically designed to promote Odia films. This will not only provide a dedicated platform for showcasing Odia cinema but also create a conducive environment for the industry to thrive.
4. Public Awareness Campaigns:
Launch public awareness campaigns to promote and celebrate Odia cinema. This will contribute to building a strong sense of pride and identity among the audience, encouraging them to actively support and patronize Odia films.
5. Security Measures:
Implement enhanced security measures to protect the interests of filmmakers, including strict actions against those involved in acts of vandalism such as tearing of film posters.

The Odia film industry has a rich cultural heritage that deserves preservation and promotion. By taking these measures, the Government of Odisha can play a pivotal role in revitalizing and safeguarding the Odia film industry, ensuring its sustained growth and prosperity.
We humbly request your kind attention to this matter and look forward to your proactive steps in addressing the challenges faced by the Odia film industry.

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