OMG! Aamir Khan and Salman Khan have differences over ‘Champions’ remake?


Allegedl reports say that Aamir Khan’s ambitious project ‘Champions’ remake might not be happening so soon. It was earlier reported that the actor decided not to play the lead role while only going to produce the project. Later, quite a fw media housed suggested that Bhaijaan Salman Khan has been offered the lead in the film, which is an official remake of 2019 Spanish film, ‘Campeones’.

News is that apparently Salman Khan suggested a few changes in the Hindi adaptation, which is being helmed by RS Prasanna. According to mid-day, Aamir Khan and the director are not in agreement with Salman’s modifications and now, it looks like getting Salman to sign up for the film will be a hard task.
IN 2022, Mr perfectionist Aamir Khan had confirmed ‘Champions’ remake and stated, “It’s a wonderful script, it’s a beautiful story, and it’s a very heartwarming and lovely film but I feel I want to take a break. I want to be with my family, I want to be with my mom and my kids. I feel I have been working for 35 years and I have single mindedly been focused on my work. I feel this is not fair to people who are close to me. I will be producing ‘Champions’ because I really believe in the film, I think it’s a great story. I will be approaching other actors now to see which of them would like to do a role which I was hoping to do.”
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