Odia movie ‘Bigul’ released in cinema halls across the state 



Bhubaneswar: New Odia movie Bigul directed by Ajay Padhi after two postponement finally released in cinema halls across the state on Friday.

The movie hit the screen in more than 40 cinema halls across the state. A special premiere show was organised at Maharaja cinema halls where stars of the movie including actress Supriya Nayak, actor Debananda Beher, director Ajay Padhi and others were present.

The movie which was scheduled to release on March 22 earlier was postponed by two days. The movie was scheduled to release on March 24. But the movie was postponed again on Sunday due to some unforeseen obstacles.

The Sai Darbar Films presented movie Bigul stars Deva, Supriya, Prasanjit, Chittaranjan Tripathi and others. The movie is written and Directed by Ajay Padhi and Produced by Debananda Behera who also acted in it. Co Produced by Arvind Sahoo, Associate Producer is Himadri Tanaya Das.

The Screenplay and dialogues written by Aamit Kumar Dash (Siba). DOP is Yudhisthira Behera. Music is given by Suraj Purohit and Lyrics we’re written by J.P Wordsmith, Mohit Chakraborty, Satya Ranjan Bal.

The shooting of the movie is done in different places of Kandhamal such as Daringbadi and Phulbani.

Directed by Ajay Padhi, Bigul Delves into religious fanaticism, unchecked ambitions, and community resilience. As mysterious murders grip a tranquil village, haunting echoes of Bigul serve as reminders of the terror unfolding on the road to the Goddess temple. The journey of a Bigul on a mission to safeguard the beliefs that have been transferred through generations! Is he right or wrong?

Director Ajay Padhi last seen as director of when series Barang 1999 which also stars Supriya and Chittaranjan who are also in this movie.in the movie Anubhav mohanty will be seen in special role

Ajay will next be seen directing Anubhav Mohanty in Kuhudi.

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