My own life journey inspired me to become an actor: Charrul Malik



Actress Charrul Malik says that she cannot pinpoint the particular person who inspired her to turn to acting. She says that her life experiences and the people she met along the way helped her make her decision to become an actor.

“To be plain, no one specifically inspired me to become an actor, and it wouldn’t be fair to single out just one name. My own life journey inspired me as I began facing the camera at the age of 15. I’ve had a significant presence on TV as a news anchor, doing live broadcasts for over 8 hours daily. People often praised my work, encouraging me to explore acting due to my entertainment anchor skills and knack for the craft. My mother’s words also had a profound impact on me, as she saw the potential in me and supported my decision to pursue acting,” she says.

She adds, “My mother serves as my role model, a true all-rounder excelling in various fields, including Kathak, singing, dancing, and social work. She was a dedicated Hindi professor and an efficient homemaker. Watching her effortlessly switch roles every day left a lasting impression on me. My nanaji, Dharamveer Vashisht, an IAS officer and MLA, was another source of inspiration with his multifaceted achievements and compassionate nature. Their qualities have influenced me greatly, as it seems to run in the family.“

Talking about having a mentor in life, she says, “Having a mentor in life is essential for career growth and development. They keep you on track, offer constructive feedback, and provide guidance on making life decisions. My mother has been a guiding mentor, and in my acting career, Binaifer Kohli ma’am has played a crucial role as well. She gave me my first break on TV and continues to offer valuable advice. With a mentor’s support, I have been able to progress well and make informed choices in life.”

She says that she focuses her energy on honing her craft now. “I agree wholeheartedly. Acting is a vast canvas with endless possibilities and colours. There can’t be a single benchmark for it or any career. Instead, we must continue doing what we love with passion and consistency. As actors, we should focus on honing our craft, exploring new roles, and giving our best in each performance. The journey is about growth and self-improvement, pushing our boundaries, and delivering our art with sincerity and dedication,” she says.

She adds that performing emotional scenes can be challenging but rewarding as well. However, performing after going through an emotional turmoil in your life can be very difficult. “Everyone experiences emotional disturbances in life, and actors often perform emotional scenes with great skill. It’s a natural part of life, and we all go through challenging moments. The key lies in finding a balance. I personally know many actors who face emotional turmoil and various issues, yet they manage to smile, compose themselves, and deliver remarkable performances. Witnessing them in such situations is tough, but I won’t name anyone. Despite their personal struggles, these actors portray their roles with incredible energy, showcasing their ability to detach from their own lives while acting. It is truly commendable. During my time as a news anchor, I once received a call from my sister informing me that our mother had only six months to live. Even in the midst of such distressing news, I had to continue anchoring the news live for the next two hours, putting on a smile and maintaining composure. It’s an artist’s responsibility to conceal their emotions and entertain the audience, and that’s what I strived to do,” she says.

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