My character is stronger and more powerful now than before: Smrutirekha


Bhubaneswar: Popular TV actress Smrutirekha Rana, the lead star of popular Zee Sarthak channel’s popular TV show Tu Khara Mu Chhai which recently completed 300 episode milestone, said that she feels honoured to be part of the show.

She also adored the channel for giving her a platform to showcase her talent. She said she always believed that the show would be very popular as its story was very unique. She also won an award for her role in the show.

Smruti plays a character of Manini, a chirpy girl. She aspires to become an actress. A comedy of errors lead her to marry Abhimanyu, a rich businessman, with a large family. Will she succeed in managing a big household?

About her pairing with Ranjan Panda who plays the character of Abhimanyum, she said that we both are good friends and spent a lot of time and encouraged each other a lot during the rehearsal and during the shooting of the scenes. Being comfortable around each other was very important, she said.

Tu Khara Mu Chhai started telecast in January, 2023 is the first show for Smruti Rekha Rana who said that from the beginning she wanted to be an actress.

She said “ My parents especially my father wanted me to focus on studying. I was auditioning for several shows and had participated in Zee Sarthak reality show Raja Queen. I was elected for Zee Sarthak another show Suna Jhia but my father didn’t allow me. “

After she completed her studies, she contacted Zee Sarthak who called her for the new show ” Tu Khara Mu Chhai. After a few weeks they called her and informed her that she was selected for the lead role.

She had also won the reality show Raja Sundari at Sidharth TV in 2022.

Now after the popularity of the show, she said that now her father supports her very much and appreciates her success.

Smruti Rekha said that at present she wants to focus on the show and wants to learn more and more before attempting anything on the big screen.

Smruti had a lot of followers on social media such as Instagram about which she said, “Popularity in social media helps people with talent to get a chance. If you have talents and if you continue to showcase your talent in social media then someone will definitely notice.”

About the show’s recent episode Smruti said, “Earlier the character Manini was not very dominated and used to make many mistakes due to which she used to be in trouble and was tortured, now she had got confidence and turned very tough and strong and powerful. You can term her as Manini 2,0 and bring everything straight.”

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