Lady journalist lodged a complaint against producer Tutu Nayak


Bhubaneswar: Film producer Tutu Nayak was again in news Friday for allegedly slapping a lady journalist here.

As per reports, Nayak, who was attending a new Odia movie’s premiere show in Bhubaneswar Friday, allegedly slapped the lady reporter on her face and back when she was reporting the event.

The victim has lodged a complaint against Nayak at Kharvel Nagar police station.

Nayak, however, said, “The allegation is false… I was in a hurry to go to attend another new Odia movie’s screening at Maharaja theatre here. As she was standing on the middle of the gate, I mildly patted her back asking her to give me space. She is like my younger sister. I didn’t beat her. If I hurt her, I am sorry for that.”

Earlier, actress Prakruti Mishra and Jasmine Rath had lodged a casting couch allegation against producer Nayak recently.

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