Kundali Bhagya’s Sana Sayyad: My husband is very lucky for me


Popular TV face Sana Sayyad, who joined Kundali Bhagya to play the role of Palki after the 20-year-leap considers that she is lucky on being part of such a show.

She recently spoke about joining Kundali Bhagya after a major leap and how she was a little afraid on going for the role as the show revolves around Preeta and Karan’s love story.

Sana further talked about the happiness of working on progressive shows and called her husband lucky for her.

“I was being skeptical honestly because when you are offered a show for a leap, a show like Kundali Bhagya which is very popular and has been on-air for the last 6 years, you always have this thought that will the audience accept us or not”.

But when I got the narration I thought it was really beautiful and it wasn’t like a very rushed up leap. The show’s OG star cast is still there in the show and since they are the family members of both the heroes, they play a major part in making us family and a part of this show.

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