Koshal Mukti Morcha demanded the withdrawal of the ban from Manoj Mishra

They also threaten to boycott odia movies in Western Odisha.


Bhubaneswar: Koshal Muklti Morcha Thursday supported actor and producer Manoj Mishra and demanded withdrawal on by Producers association.

They also threaten to boycott odia movies in Western Odisha. The members of Morcha said that Manoj Mishra is a good actor and his latest movie Mindgame which was a good movie and some people of the industry are jealous of him and doing damage to his image.

We will boycott the Odia movies in western Odisha if the ban on him was not withdrawn .

Earlier, Anubhav Mihnaty alleged that Manoj Mishra is trying to disrupt the Ollywod industry. In reply Manoj Mishra said that “I never ever told any of my supporters to boycott or stopped any movie”. He said ” I will request people to not boycott any movie as it will impact Odia industry.”

Controversy erupted in Odia film industry after newly released movie RAM starring Aarindam Roy and Rupsha Mukhopadhyay was stopped from screening in Sambalpur.

As per reports, some group stopped the movie screening in Sambalpur and called themselves supporter of Actor and Producer Manoj Mishra. They said that because the movie features Jitu Mangaraj who has some dispute with Manoj, they will not let movie release in Sambalpur.

After the incident, the producers association held a meeting and decided that Manoj Mishra will not be allowed to act in any movie by producers for the next two years.

Actor and producer Manoj Mishra, best known for his work in the Odia industries with movies like Samapaju Ra Raghu, Tumaku Paruni ta Bhuli, Ashok Samrat, and Bhaunri, Abhay among others. His new movie Mindgame, which was struck in the loop for a long time, was finally released in cinema halls across the state recently. It has meanwhile received an overwhelming response from the critics and audiences.

Aarindam Roy’s action movie RAM finally released across the state on October 20 . The movie clashed with Sidhanth Mohapatra’s gangster movie Katak –Sesha Ru Arambha for the box office win.

The movie is produced under the banner of Ratna Films. The movie is directed by Ashok Pati and produced by Arindam. In the movie Bollywood actor Rahul Dev is playing main antagonist.

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