Konark Chakra: From Odisha to Times Square


The Bakul Library in Satyanagar became the epicenter of excitement and intrigue as it hosted a meet and greet that brought together the visionary team behind the creation of the Konark Chakra installation at Times Square, New York.

The gathering, which took place Wednesday, provided a unique opportunity for media representatives and enthusiasts to gain insights into the creative process and significance of this remarkable project.

The Konark Chakra installation, at the iconic Times Square in New York, is a collaborative effort that blends Indian artistry, engineering prowess, and cultural heritage.

A discussion was organised with the audience on the behind the story of the making of the Konark Chakra and its journey from Odisha to Times Square.

The discussion featured several key speakers, including, Jitendra Mishra, Filmmaker, curator of the project, he emphasized the importance of showcasing India’s heritage on such a grand scale and the international significance of Times Square as a platform for cultural exchange, Subash Pujari the lead designer, Amaresh Bindhani, the stone artist, Sujit Mohapatra, the founder of Bakul Library and actor Sabyasachi Mishra.

Speaking at the discussion, Jitendra said, “The Konark Chakra at Times Square is a testament to India’s ancient cultural heritage and its ability to seamlessly integrate with modernity. We believe this installation will serve as a symbol of unity, diversity, and cultural exchange.”

Amaresh added, “Creating the Konark Chakra has been a labor of love, and I am excited to see it inspire people from all walks of life in the heart of New York City.” Subash Pujari added, “The logistics of this project have been daunting, but we are confident that the Konark Chakra will stand tall and proud in Times Square, representing the spirit of India.”


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