Kalinga Literary Festival 2024 Wraps Up with Literary Excellence and Cinematic Insights

Singer Usha Uthup awarded National Living Legend Award 2024



Bhubaneswar: The third and final day of the highly anticipated Kalinga Literary Festival (KLF) concluded on a high note, as literary enthusiasts and cinephiles gathered to celebrate a harmonious blend of literature, cinema, and music.

The festival witnessed engaging sessions, insightful discussions, and the felicitation of literary luminaries.

Usha Uthup

Renowned Indian film director Rahul Rawail graced the festival with two captivating sessions, exploring the legacy of the iconic Raj Kapoor. The discussions delved into Kapoor’s idiosyncrasies, underrated movies, and his lasting impact on the film industry. Rawail shared personal anecdotes and insights, creating a memorable experience for the audience.

Kanishka Gupta in a session on Laxmi Murdeshwar Puri’s debut novel, ‘Swallowing the Sun’, provided a deep dive into the book’s themes and influences. Puri’s work, a contemporary fiction, weaved an epic love story with social and political narratives, resonating with India’s cultural evolution.

Another session, moderated by Prabhat Ranjan, explored the experimentation in Hindi literature. Panelists Pratap Somvanshi, Avinash Das, and Avinash Mishra discussed the evolving voices within Hindi poetry, encouraging emerging writers to embrace change and experimentation.

Ashwani Kumar led a discussion on Chandan Gowda’s book, ‘Another India’, delving into themes of cultural anthropology, caste dynamics, and modernity. The conversation provided insights into the diverse experiences captured in the book.

In a heartfelt discussion, panellists comprising prominent Odia writers Ashwani Kumar, Angshuman Kar, Rabindra K Swain, Durga Prasad Panda, and Kedar Mishra delved into the genesis ‘Scent of Rain,’ an anthology of poems in memory of the legendary Jayanta Mahapatra, edited by Ashwani Kumar.

Prof. Kar emphasized Mahapatra’s role in nurturing young poets and his profound connection to Odisha.

The spirit of the festival soared to new heights with the iconic Usha Uthup. Reflecting on her remarkable journey, she shared, ‘I never engage in a battle with time; I embrace each moment, letting it shape its own harmony.

The songs that came my way brought me joy, and I never fretted about overtaking the lead. If a song became a hit, that was my triumph.’ Usha Uthup, expressing her love for Odia music, added with a smile, ‘I would be delighted to sing some more Odia songs if given the chance.'”

Sharing about the festival, Founder and Director of Kalinga Literary Festival, Rashmi Ranjan Parida said, “I believe in the transformative power of literature to shape minds, bridge cultures, and ignite the flame of curiosity. The Kalinga Literary Festival is not just an event; it’s a celebration of the boundless potential of words to inspire, provoke, and unite humanity.”

The Kalinga Literary Festival 2024, with its mix of literature and cinema, provided a platform for intellectual exchange and creative inspiration. As the curtains closed on this literary extravaganza, it left behind a legacy of thought-provoking discussions and celebrated contributions to the world of arts and letters.

Awards and Recognitions:
The Kalinga Literary Award 2024 was presented to the accomplished writer Lakshmi Murdeshwar Puri in recognition of her outstanding contributions to literature.
The legendary singer Usha Uthup was honoured with the National Living Legend Award 2024 for her remarkable impact on the world of music.

KLF Book Awards 2023 Winners:
Uday Prakash took home the KLF Book Award 2023 (Fiction, Hindi) for his compelling work, अन्तिम नीबू.

Satya Vyas received the KLF Book Award 2023 (Non-Fiction, Hindi) for his thought-provoking book, मीना मेरे आगे.

Mr. Vihag Vaibhav was awarded the KLF Book Award 2023 (Poetry, Hindi) for his evocative collection, मोर्चे पर विदागीत.

Prabhat Ranjan was recognized with the KLF Book Award 2023 (Translation, Hindi) for the impactful माहिम में कत्ल.

In the English category, winners included Ms. Vauhini Vara (This is Salvaged), Shri Manoj Mitta (Caste Pride), Robin S. Ngangom (My Invented Land: New and Selected Poems), Mr. GJV Prasad (A Woman Burnt), Ms. Bijal Vachharajani & Mr. Rajiv Eipe (When Fairyland Lost Its Magic), Dr. Akshat Rathi (Climate Capitalism in India), and Ms. Sohini Chattopadhyay (The Day I Became a Runner).

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