Deepika underlines value of honesty



Mumbai: Actress Deepika Padukone, currently riding high on the success of her recent film Fighter, shared insights into her approach to managing multiple responsibilities, setting priorities, and the sincerity she brings to her on-screen performances.

When questioned about her process for creating emotional scenes and the profound impact they have on the audience, she stressed the importance of honesty in her work. She expressed discomfort with dishonesty and artificiality, advocating instead for vulnerability, accountability, and openness to criticism.

She stressed the significance of maintaining integrity in her work, acknowledging mistakes, and seeking understanding rather than dwelling on shortcomings. As for managing multiple roles, Padukone described a shift towards prioritising what truly adds value, recognising the evolution from pursuing everything to filtering choices based on purpose and significance.

The Om Shanti Om actress underscored the opportunity to influence and uplift audiences through her work, viewing it as a responsibility to make a positive impact.

Regarding multitasking, she acknowledged her proficiency in handling diverse tasks simultaneously while prioritising activities that bring joy and purpose. Despite personal preferences, she emphasised the importance of fulfilling commitments, recognising them as essential aspects of her professional and personal growth.


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