Ice bath, Nordic dip: Another celeb-inspired fitness fad?


Recently a video had surfaced in which bollywood actress Rakul Preet Singh was seen taking a dip in freezing cold water at an undisclosed location which was doing the rounds of social media.

But, Rakul’s cryotherapy session involving a dip in the water at minus 15 degrees is not the first for a celeb.

Recently, south bombshell Samantha Ruth Prabhu posted a pic of herself submerged in an ice bath, captioning it ‘Torture time’.

But what exactly is the benefit of an ice bath and why would someone go through the ‘torture’ in the first place?

For starters, experts say that exposing your body to extreme cold temperatures has a plethora of health benefits.

It helps cool down your muscles and prevents inflammation post exercise. Hence it is popular among athletes, sportspersons and celebs.

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