I am very choosy about my roles: Himagni


New actress Himagni Dutta is very determined about what type of role she wants to play. She started her career in 2020. So far she had done three movies. Two of them will be releasing soon. One of them is Jhilik Motion Pictures (JMP) ‘Dear Purusha’.

The fifth movie of the JMP production house stars multi talented cast including Partha Sarthi Ray, Sidhanth Mohapatra, Samaresh Routray, Devasis Patra, Bobby Mishra, Mahasweta Ray, Chaudhury Prakash Das, Jhilik Bhattacharjee, BM Baisali, Ananya Mishra, Pinky Pradhan, Divya Mohanty, Sivani Sangita and others.

The Jhilik Motion Pictures new movie is a story about the role and contribution of men in the society. The movie gives a message of gender equality. The movie is directed by Jiit Chakraborty and produced by Jhilik Bhattacharjee who is also acting in the movie.

In the movie, Himagni is playing the younger version of Jhilik’s Character who is a very jolly and bubbly and carefree character. The movie portrays how her life transforms and changes.

Dutta who debuted in the industry with Odia movie Gupchup. She said director Jiit had watched her short movies and as that was her debut movie so he contacted her for the role. He had given her lot of freedom to do the role in the movie, she said.

In this movie, there are a lot of actors and actresses and Himagni said that everyone was very sweet to her while working, she had maximum scenes with Partha. She said that it was a great experience working with Partha sir. “He is a very hard working actor and learnt a lot from him,” she said.

About Jhilik, Himagni said when she first came into the industry most people called her and said that she resemblanced Jhilik madam. “It was a great opportunity to play her young character. She had showed lot of faith on me,”

From the beginning she wanted to be an actress but she also focused on her studies. Apart from acting, she also works as a software engineer in a multinational company. After working in cities like Mumbai, Gujarat, Bangalore she returns to Bhubaneswar and is working from here.

She said “ During covid 19, I used to do some videos and shared in social media, through which she gets the chance to be in music videos, from which she got her first break in Odia movie Gupchup starring Amlan Dash.” In the movie she played a journalist.

About her ways of choosing roles she said “ “I am very choosy about my roles and due to which I have done three movies since 2020 . I want to be different in each role and don’t want to do a regular role and be just a prop in the movie. I believe in doing notable roles even if it is for just a few minutes but it must be impactful.”

As she is pursuing both acting and also corporate work sometimes it proves difficult sometime during the film shooting. ” I work on my laptop whenever I get free time” she said.

Her next project is a thriller movie Murali in which she is working with Anu Choudhury, Divya Mohanty and others.

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