Hum Agar Nahin – Susmita Das Sings on Wetland Conservation


Releasing to mark the 25 Years of Wetlands International, ‘Hum Agar Nahin’ is a music video by veteran singer Susmita Das (Kendriya Sangeet Natak Akademi Winner) and Auromira
Entertainment, that sheds light on the importance of Wetlands and encourages Conserving and Restoring them.


Wetlands are facing numerous threats, including habitat destruction and degradation, and climate change, making their preservation crucial for the well-being of the environment and humanity. The music video aims to shed light on the importance of wetlands and encourage their conservation and restoration.

It uses the metaphor of science and the supernatural to make a poetic and relevant statement about the relationship between humans and nature. The video serves as a wake-up call to remind us of our responsibility to protect these critical ecosystems and take action to conserve and restore them.

Susmita Das and Director Dev Meher have launched yet another incredible piece of Music Video, retaining their reputation of breaking new ground with each song.

Composed by Abhijeet Mishra, This Susmita Das Song has been penned soulfully by Rajkumar Mahto, wonderfully captured by Pratap Rout, stars well-known actor Dipanwit Dashmohapatra & Cookies Swain. Susmita Das said, “I like to focus on songs that are contemporary on social issues. The song and video aim to raise awareness about the importance of wetlands and the impact of human activities on these ecosystems”.

Dev Meher said, “The soulful vocals in the song help to highlight the significance of wetlands and to promote their conservation and rehabilitation. Anyone who watches this will likely find it to be a great wake-up call to our duty to maintain these important ecosystems “.

This entertaining yet educating music video (first of its kind) provokes the viewer to probe into the state of Wetlands and its delicate ecosystem and the importance they carry for the health of planet earth.

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