Gauahar Khan: ‘I would have been the next superstar’


Mumbai: Gauahar Khan has said that she would have been a superstar if her debut film, Rocket Singh, were to release in today’s times.
In a new interview she also recalled how Rishi Kapoor praised her in the film and called her the ‘best thing’ about the 2009 movie.
The movie came at a time when the industry was not ready for a film like that, Gauahar said. She added that Rocket Singh was a simple film that was strong on paper as well as performances and would have bagged all awards. She also recalled having been nominated for two awards and bagging one of those.
However, she believes that everything happens for the best.
“If I had not debuted with Rocket Singh, I would not be the actor I am today. I was exposed right at the beginning to a director like Shimit Amin, and the production house YRF treated me really well, Jaideep Sahni helped me recognise and realise the actor I am. He told me not to change nor to be after who I co-star with, but focus on the instincts of an actor,” concludes the actress.

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