First Glimpse of Allu Sirish’s Upcoming Film Buddy Out Now


Allu Sirish, the talented actor known for his impressive performances in Telugu cinema, has once again captured the attention of the audience with his upcoming film, ‘Buddy’.

After receiving positive reviews for his role in ‘Urvasivo Rakshasivo’, Sirish is all set to enthrall the audience with another exciting project.

The glimpse and first look of ‘Buddy’, were recently launched, creating a buzz among movie enthusiasts.

The glimpse of ‘Buddy’ offers a tantalizing peek into the film’s world, showcasing its rich production values and an enjoyable premise.

The video opens with a masked man commanding his henchmen to assassinate a teddy bear.

While the henchmen find it amusing that their mission involves killing a stuffed toy, the teddy bear itself appears to be a fun-loving character with a cute attitude.

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