Chakravyuham – The Trap: Actor Ajay’s mystery crime thriller gets a release date


A thrilling crime drama awaits moviegoers as ‘Chakravyuham – The Trap’ releases on June 2.

The film, directed by Madhusudan and starring Ajay in the lead role, explores the dark and mysterious world of crime through a murder mystery.

The film has a captivating storyline that keeps the viewers hooked with its suspense and intrigue.

The film also boasts of compelling performances by the cast and masterful direction by Madhusudan.

‘Chakravyuham – The Trap’ is a cinematic experience that will keep the audiences guessing till the end with its subtle twists and turns.

Director Madhusudan expressed his gratitude to the late superstar Krishna Garu for unveiling the first look of the film.

He also thanked the renowned actor Sai Dharam Tej for releasing the movie trailer, which garnered millions of views on YouTube.

The trailer itself offers a tantalizing glimpse into the rollercoaster ride that awaits viewers, leaving them craving for more.

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