Day two of the Indian Film Festival in Bhubaneswar showcases independent films on different subjects



Bhubaneswar: Second day of the 13th Indian Film Festival of Bhubaneswar (IFFB), started from 22nd January, till 28th of January, 2024, at the Odissi Research Centre, Bhubaneswar, brings independent films across the subcontinent to the people of Bhubaneswar.

The second day started with screening of a 40-minute short film by Abhijit Sarthi, “Bablu Babylon Se”. The movie is to curb inflation, the dystopian ‘Authority’ has privatized all farming and plantation activities-banning common people from agriculture. When lonely, elderly Bablu is sent on an assignment by his employer Babylon-a leading corporate brand, accidentally runs into a rebel group on a secret mission.

The day continues with Mani Kaul Retrospective, Aashad ka Ek Din, 115 minutes Hindi film of 1971which portrays the love of Mallika and Kalidasa, the renowned Sanskrit poet and dramatist, where Mallika sacrifies her love for Kalidasa so that he could pursue his muse.

The day was followed by films, Joseph’s Son, with post screening conversation with Haobam Paban Kumar, Mithya and Whispers of Fire and Water.

Joseph, a musician sets on a long journey to find his son with constant conflict with his past, present and personal fears. The post screening conversation was moderated by FSB president Subrat Beura.

The kannada film “Mithya” by Sumant Bhat is story of ‘Mithya’, alongside a boy named Mithun, who comes with in terms with the loss of his parents. “Whispers of Fire and Water” follows the storyline of an audio installation artist who visits the largest coal-mining region of Eastern India, plagued by depleting natural resources and a burning fire in its belly.

However, he succumbs to the highly complex socio-political system and moves to a tribal village in a forest area, where water becomes the labyrinth for a personal quest of self.

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