Check out Salil Ankola’s ‘magical transformation’ after fighting Covid twice:


Former cricketer turned Actor Salil Ankola, who was infected with Covid-19 twice, has resolved to “completely get back in shape in a year’s time”, according to his wife and food therapist Dr Ria Banerjee Ankola.

In a post on the popular photo sharing social media site, about his “magical transformation”, Dr Ankola wrote that her husband was in the ICU in February 2021 due to pneumonia which lowered his immunity to another level and he couldn’t work out much for many months due to his lung capacity.

In July 2022, when he was almost recovering from the previous damage, he got re-infected. He had a very high fever and cough, so that again kind of lowered his immunity.

But he is mentally and physically too strong, so he didn’t give up

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