Casting couch exists in Odia film industry, says actress Rapashree Panda


After several actresses and others raised their voices against harassment and the casting couch in the Odia film industry, actress Rapashree Panda jumped onto the bandwagon too.

This comes after allegations of casting couch were raised recently against filmmaker Sanjay Nayak. In her recent statement, Panda confirmed the existence of a casting couch in the local industry. She also said that in addition to the newcomers, even the film producers often become victims of such malpractices.

Recently Odia actress Jasmine Rath had leveled charges of casting couch against Nayak. Another actress Prakruti Mishra had, also supported the move. However, Nayak later vehemently denied such allegations and threatened the actresses to sue them for the alleged defamation.

Panda revealed that such incidents give scars on the mentality of the newcomers and put them in trauma, especially during the budding face of the new talents.

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