Bhumi set to foray into Hollywood


Mumbai: Actress Bhumi Pednekar is riding high on the success of her latest film, Bhakshak. Her outstanding performance in the movie has garnered immense praise and applause from audiences worldwide.

The movie has even secured a prestigious spot among the Top 5 non-English films globally, showcasing India’s prowess on the global content stage.

Following the buzz around Bhakshak, Hollywood seems to be knocking on her door with enticing offers. Her nuanced performances have caught the attention of Hollywood, prompting discussions about potential collaborations.

Despite the allure of Hollywood, Bhumi remains grounded in her approach. She values authentic storytelling and aims to represent Indian women accurately on screen. Therefore, she is cautious about choosing the right projects, both in India and abroad. While she considers the offers from Hollywood, the Toilet actress is adamant about selecting roles that align with her vision for cinema.

“I will assess the opportunities meticulously during my upcoming trip to Los Angeles and understand the importance of representing India on the international stage. I intend to intends to do it with integrity and grace,” said the actress.

Her foray into Hollywood signifies not just personal growth but also a celebration of Indian cinema’s global impact.

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