Ananya Pandey recalls her insecurities


Mumbai: Ananya Panday candidly addressed the challenges she faces dealing with body shaming and the pervasive negativity prevalent on social media platforms. In a heartfelt interview with Elle, she reflected on her insecurities, notably highlighting the distressing experiences of being bullied during her high school years.

Ananya confessed that she continues to grapple with body insecurities, citing instances when comments or her personal feelings would trigger bouts of insecurity regarding her physique.

Expressing concerns about the bad impact of social media, Ananya revealed the toll of constant information overload, admitting how the negativity gradually builds up. In response, she has adopted a firm approach, taking charge of her mental well-being by actively muting or unfollowing pages that provoke feelings of anxiety or sadness, a decision she described as growing ‘quite ruthless.’

The Liger actress shed light on the discomfort she felt due to her physique and the derogatory comments she endured. Despite these challenges, she emphasized her journey toward self-acceptance, stating, “Now I am comfortable in my skin.”

Recalling incidents where she felt uncomfortable and ridiculed for her slender frame, Ananya bravely shared her struggles with body image and how such experiences in school have fortified her against the impact of online trolls, fostering resilience in the face of adversity.

On the work front, Ananya Pandey’s previous outing was with the movie Dream Girl 2.

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