Alia’s stance on negative comments


Mumbai: Actress Alia Bhatt who has been in the industry for a decade addressed all the criticism around her marriage and the complete lies that some people spread about her.

“I have lived my life in the public eye. So I have gone through different stages of scrutiny that maybe I have faced. Maybe initially I was a little more defensive. But later on, I was a bit more dismissive, forget it nobody cares. But I think I have grown into a person who genuinely feels that I have nothing to complain about,” she said.

The Gully Boy actress explained, “Those people writing it, they’re my audience. So, as long as my movies are doing well and I’m entertaining them. I still have to maintain that gratitude because that came my way, and I’m here because of the audience. If there is any chatter, I hope it dies down and you move forward.”

“Nobody is unfazed by negative comments. Maybe I have also become a more private person because of that but I cannot fault anyone for it. I have never in my life spoken back or said ‘you can’t say this about me’. Sometimes lies, complete lies have been spoken. I have never said anything back because I believe that is not the way I want to conduct myself,” she concluded.

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