Aim To Make Critically Acclaimed Films: Anupam Patnaik



Filmmaker Anupam Patnaik was born to be in the film industry. Son of great and legendary filmmaker Amiya Patnaik, Anupam ventured into television serial and film productions in 2011 following his father Amiya Patnaik’s footsteps. He produced and directed a fictional television series, “Horror Zone,” for Tarang Channel. He also produced and directed two short films Ichha-A Silent Urge and Smruti – Memories. His dedication and hard work resulted in making Amiya Patnaik Productions a known name in the Odisha television and film industry. He believes that the strength of a successful business lies in its leadership skills, and Amiya Patnaik Productions has just the right combination of the energy, determination, dedication & enthusiasm to achieve its zenith. In 2015, he produced a biopic on eminent social activist ‘Padmashri’ Tulasi Munda, which won accolades at various film festivals across the globe. It is the first-ever biopic made in Odisha and is one of its kind. After producing Tulasi Apa, Anupam started the digital wing of Amiya Patnaik Productions, known as TechnoArt Productionz, which deals with the production of digital content such as short films, web series, corporate films, ad films, and documentaries. It started by producing Panic Shorts, Odisha’s 1st Horror Web Series, followed by Saheb Biwi Sala, Odisha’s most-viewed web series, and many more. Recently, Anupam directed his 1st feature film – Pratikshya, based on a short story by Gourahari Das, which won best Odia Film at the National Film Awards.


In a chat with Odia celebrity, Anupam talks about his life after Pratikshya, his future work, and projects.   


Q) How proud are you of Pratikshya, your first debut movie as a director?

A) I am very proud of this fact. It’s just the beginning. I am hopeful to keep this pride as long as I keep making films. I am thankful to the critics and the jury. I am equally thankful to the audience who gave immense love to this film.


Q) What do you think of your father’s legacy, and how do you want to respect his legacy and move forward?

A) He’s a legend and his films are legendary. Matching even 10 percent of his caliber would be enough for me in this lifetime. I want to make good films that will be acclaimed commercially and critically and develop the industry further.


Q) What do you think of the present situation in the film industry?

A) The situation is very delicate. We need to hold hands together and develop it further. The industry has been going through a rough patch for the last few years, but I’m hopeful that news films and filmmakers are coming up with a lot of good films.


Q) What more can we see from you in the future?

A) Trikanya, an anthology film, will be released in January—something new for Odisha. Then I’m releasing a horror film – Dahaan, mostly in March/April. I’ll be shooting another film in December, and currently working on the Hindi version of Pratikshya, which will be starring Anupam Kher and other Hindi actors.


Q) What is more challenging movie or web series?

A) Both. Every good work is challenging. If there’s no challenge, then there’s no fun!


Q) What was your first feeling and reaction to winning the national award?

A) It was a surreal feeling. I could remember my father and could imagine what he would have felt if he were alive. It’s only because of his blessings this happened. Apart from that, I immediately celebrated our win with my team members, family and friends.


Q: What encouraged you to pursue filmmaking?

A) I’ve always loved films ever since childhood. For different moods, I used to watch films. When I was sad, films were therapy for me. When I was happy, I wanted to enjoy films; when I wanted to learn about something, I used to watch related films. So I breathe films every time. My father introduced me to the world of films, and ever since, I’ve been an ardent film lover.

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