Actress Prakruti attacked Tutu Nayak for banning Manoj Mishra


Bhubaneswar: Actress Prakruti Mishra showed concern regarding recent situation occurred at the Odia movie industry.

Using her social media account Prakruti said “The Ollywood industry has played a significant role in shaping who I am today, and I will always be grateful for its contribution. However, the recent turmoil caused by a supposed misogynist producer, Nayak, who lacks any artistic expertise, has been manipulating and mistreating all the artists, especially Manoj Dada.”

She said” Manoj Dada has been a representative of our state on various platforms, contributing to the prosperity and fame of our industry. Yet, due to personal grudges, there has been a misguided attempt to ban him.”

She added “To be direct, this producer has made no contribution to any recent releases. Individuals like him are parasites, draining common sense from those who are encouraged by his destructive ideologies, tarnishing the reputation of others. The true purpose of art is to unite everyone and bring cultures together. I am disheartened to witness this dark era in the industry.”

” I urge my fellow artists not to support someone who belittles our own colleagues. Additionally, I implore the media to refrain from glorifying people who tarnish the image of our fraternity.”

Best wishes to the recent film releases.she concludes.

Ollywood industry since last week is fighting an inner battle after actor and producer Manoj Mishra being banned by the producers and The Utkal Cine Chambers of Commerce from the Odia film industry for two years over the allegation that his supporter attempted to stop actor Arindam Roy’s new movie RAM.

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