Actor Pankaj Tripathi has watched just 50 films in his life


Mumbai: Actor Pankaj Tripathi shares that it’s because he does not like to binge watch content and would rather invest his time in gardening to taking a long walk.

 “You won’t believe if I tell you that I do not watch anything at all. I have watched 50 films in my entire life, not more than that. Out of these, 80 per cent are Irrfan Khan’s films. I don’t even remember the last commercial film that I watched,” says the actor, whose film, OMG2 has recently dropped on streaming.

Ask him if his own work intrigues him, the actor says that it’s not about whose project it is, but the fact that he does not like to binge watch anything. “I cannot binge watch. I just cannot sit at one place for too long. I like to cook, do gardening on my day off. ”

While it may come out as a surprise for his fans, Tripathi tells us how not watching other’s work has helped him as an artiste. “I have not watched a lot of content and I think that’s the reason why my performances and my acting feels original. It’s not influenced or inspired by anyone,” shares the actor, adding that he has worked hard on his craft and developed a way of acting, which is very origina

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