A cycle awareness rally was organized on World Suicide Prevention Day


Bhubaneswar: A cycle awareness rally was organised by Indian Psychatric Society Odisha branch and Racers and Runners Club on the occasion of World Suicide Prevention day Sunday.

World Suicide Prevention Day, observed globally on September 10, hold significant importance as it grapples with its unique challenges regarding mental health and suicide prevention. This day serves as rallying a cry for the people to come together and address the pressing issue of suicide within the state.

Suicide is a major public health problem with far-reaching social, emotional and economic consequences.

The purpose of this rally was t make people aware about the things they can do to avoid anyone wants to commit suicide. A person commits suicide due to some mental health problem. Mental health proble is a serious problem and should not ignore it.

Financial crisis, love life issues, losing a dear one, exam pressure, cyber frauds, jobs and many other issues trigger a disturbed mental state. This often leads to suicidal thoughts. To get on with it, one must first focus on stabilizing the mind.

To avoid this consultation with doctors exercise regularly, open conversation is required. Dr Narayan Mishra of Sum Hospital is working for its solution tirelessly and organize this rally with Racers and Runners Club to create awareness about this among people

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