Zee Sarthak To Celebrate Sabitri Brata With Special Episode ‘Sabitri: Ama Parampara’




Bhubaneswar: Zee Sarthak the No 1 entertainment channel of the state always try to give something new to its audience with every show

The channel also celebrate special festivals and occassion of the state with special episodes

Continuing that tradition Zee Sarthak will celebrate Sabitri Brata this Sunday with special show called ‘Sabitri: Ama Parampara’ in which four favourite shows of the channel Tu Mo Saathi, Sandhya Ragini, Madhura Sansara and Bhagya Rekha will joined together to celebrate occassion in special three hour episode.

Sabitri Brata or Savitri Amavasya is a fasting day, commemorating the pious act of Savitri who rescued her husband, Satyavan, from the god of death (Yama). It occurs on the new moon day in month of Jyeshtha.[1] Married Hindu women observe a fast to promote a long, healthy life for their husbands. It is celebrated in the Indian states of Odisha, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and in Nepal.

The three hour special show will take inspiration from the Sabitri story where she
rescued her husband, Satyavan, from the god of death (Yama). In the show all the main female characters of the shows will try to rescue their Satyavan from the villainous Indrani who will try to ruin the occassion.

In the special show Ollywood superstar Babushaan Mohanty and actress Elina Samantaray will also join to promote their new movie Pabar releasing in Raja.

Chief Channel officer Pratik Seal hoped that the audience will love the special Sabitri Brata show



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