‘YOGINI,’ an experimental art film screened in the capital city


Bhubaneswar: Yogini an experimental Art film of 90 minutes duration was screened for a select audience at INOX, Screen No.4, DN Regalia on Sunday.

The film, inspired by Haraprasad Das’s conceptualization, unfolds the stories of Yoginis—resilient women from marginalized communities who resist exploitation. Weaving together 28 choreographed songs into an artistic narrative, the film captivated the audience for a riveting 90 minutes. The movie is produced by singer susmita das and Biyotprajna Tripathy who is also director of the movie.

Director Biyotprajna Tripathy’s adept handling of this complex subject earned widespread acclaim. The enchanting music by Omprakash Mohanty and Susmita Das’s soulful rendition further elevated the cinematic experience.

Notable figures in the audience, including Actor Partha Sarthi Ray, Director Snehasis Das and others commended the unique initiative taken by the makers in addressing the theme of women’s empowerment.

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