Title of new Odia film ‘Dharmapada’ announced


Bhubnaneswar: In Odia folklore, Dharmapada was the son of a great architect named Bishu Maharana, who completed the construction of the Sun Temple at Konark, Odisha on the eastern coastline of India, in a single night to save 1,200 craftsmen from execution from the then King Langula Narasingha Deva I. Legends say he sacrificed his own life by jumping into the ocean after carrying out the final step to complete the temple top to prevent the story from spreading. The Konark temple is still standing tall since 13th-century telling Bisu Maharana and his Son Dharmapada’s stories.

Inspired from this story Jasodeep Production announce the movie on his life titled Dharmapada. The movie will be directed by Ajay Padhi and very soon the cast of the movie will be announced and shooting will start soon. The makers want to showcase a true story of Dharmapada.

Media planner Pranay Jethi said that the movie will be a adventurous movies and fans will love it.

On the occasion several eminent guests were present that includes Minaketan Patnaik, International Human Rights Defenders. Retired IAS officers Bhuban Mohan Das, RN Dash, Sunil Murarka. Managing Director at Murarka Group of Industries. Sidharth Patra, Director Subhadra Group of Industries, MD OF Kalimga Hospital Nilanjan Mukherjee, director Ajay Padhi, producer Deepak Nayak and others.

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